Balfe Family 

How is Joe Kenny related?

I found out about the Balfe family while looking through the St. Francis de Sale records in Smith Falls.  I came across their name several times as godparents to some of the Kenny kids.  At this point, I assumed there was a relationship.  I met a lady named Andree Balfe, who had researched her Balfe family, and when she shared her information with me, I saw that there was a Sally Kenny from Kennystown, that married Thomas Balfe in Kennystown, on my birthday,  Nov 3, 1831.  In fact, this was the first I had heard of a Kennystown, County Wicklow, Ireland.  Her records showed an Edward Balfe as her father in law.  I later learned while visiting Kennystown, that Edward Balfe did indeed, live in Kennystown and right where Batt Kennys lives now. 

Some of the following Information is compiled from several sources, but people that were involved in this research are Joe Kenny, Andree Balfe Fergus, Dave Allatt, and  Anne Burgess.

The Children of Edward Balfe are suspected to be as follows:

Margaret BALFE b: Abt. 1795    +Michael Hendricks

 Thomas BALFE b: 1803 in Kilcaven, Carnew, Wicklow, Ireland d: 10 Nov 1882 in Ontario, Canada
+Sarah (Sally) KENNY b: Abt. 1811 in Kennystown, Wicklow, Ireland m: 03 Nov 1831 in Kennystown, Wicklow, Ireland d: 28 Oct 1899 in Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada

Nicholas BALFE b: Abt. 1804 d: 23 Apr 1885 +Catherine KEALY b: Abt. 1804 in County Wicklow, Iteland m: Abt. 1831 in Ireland d: Aft. 1881

 John BALFE b: Abt. 1806 in Hillbrook, Ireland  +Alice DOBBS b: in Ireland

Edward BALFE b: Abt. 1810  +Kitty O'Toole

Catherine BALFE b: 1821

Mary BALFE b: Abt. 1822   +Denis Kehoe b: Abt. 1820 m: Abt. 1840 in Ireland

Wife of Thomas Balfe was Sarah Kenny, married November 3, 1831   Sarah Kenny Balfe


Many Dates relating to the Balfes of Kilcaven, County Wicklow

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There were several Balfe families in the Smith Falls area.  Some lived in Montague, some in Smith Falls, and many in Kitley.  Here are the names of some that lived in Kitley, compiled by Anne Burgess and a group of her research friends.  Kitley Balfes